Male Erotic Orgasmic Genitalia massage for Women

I have been giving sensual massage to women professionally for almost 2 years now. In that time I have treated women of all ages’ nationalities, ethnicities and body types and size. In giving the Sensual Massage to a woman my aim is not only to give an experience that is caring and safe but one where, via sensual massage and intimate touch you are taken on an exciting sensual journey to the very core of your body. To a place where its OK to let go and explore your deeper more primal feminine erotic energies, where you can express yourself in movement or sound and behave in any way you want without concern of being judged or controlled.
It is a massage that can be taken to just enjoy intimate relaxing escapism, where you can just lay back and take pleasure in your body being massaged, stimulated, aroused and cared for. Where there is no expectation for you to give in return unless you desire to. Or, for some it can be a journey of joint erotic exploration between 2 people to jointly investigate fantasies and desires but in a supportive non-judgmental environment.

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