Male Erotic Orgasmic Genitalia massage for Women

My Sensual Massage is a fully “Naturist” massage and both you and your therapist will be completely naked during the massage. You should be aware that parts of my body (e.g. breasts, belly), or those of a male therapist if present, may touch yours during the massage. Please tell me if you are not comfortable with this.
I am often asked if you can touch me during a massage. Experience tells me that I rarely have to worry about a woman going too far and being disrespectful, so I have no problem being touched by a female client.
I am a professional massage therapist specializing in sensual massage using tantric techniques. The services I provide solely depend on my client’s desire. If I include your erogenous zones during a massage it is entirely as part of a tantric technique. Penetration (sexual intercourse, oral sex, sex), kissing, cuddling (hugging) and “girlfriend experience” with clients may form part of what I offer depending on what my client will want to have. Thank you for being

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