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3 Types of Massage for pure relaxation

Best types of massage

With the pressures of work and every day tasks and issues, learning to unwind and to relax is essential if you want to get the right work to life balance. One great way to relax and to feel good for many days following is to enjoy a very relaxing massage. Below 3 of our favourite types of massage.
Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a system of various techniques used to apply pressure to muscles and pushing through in the direction of the blood returning to the heart. The overall effect is to relax the muscles and energise the blood vessels and lymph systems making it a total all over massage that also boosts mood and reduces pain. The massage is usually conducted either naked or in underwear and oil is usually used, this can be either scented or non-scented, however scented oils can have an added relaxation effect.

Types of Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage doesn’t rely so much on the application and movement of pressure across the skin and muscles, but rather on the use of essential oils and scents. The use of aromatherapy has been in existence for thousands of years, with its historical routes going back to the ancient Egyptians. Aromatherapy oils all have their own properties that can help physiological and psychological ailments and afflictions, and can even be blended to create new characteristics.
Hot Stone Therapy

A hot stone massage uses basalt, or river rock, that has been heated up and placed on various points up and down the body. The heat reaction on the muscles leads to a relaxation response within the muscle almost immediately. Once the heated stones are applied the therapist can then apply pressure to the more stress-affected areas of the body. This healing and relaxation technique has been used for centuries by a number of cultures, and within minutes of the application of the stones a person can attain a total state of relaxation.

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