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Although she is young, Nikki will surprise you with her experienced touch and Tantric skills. She is a healer and has an amazing ability to work with energy to help you to clear your blockages and balance your energy. Being Asian, she believes that she was born with the ability to give a great massage. Her clients all agree.


The same age as Nikki, the two of them are longtime friends who went to school together. Maria is a Latina with strong, soft hands. She has the experience and the touch to give a world class Tantric Massage.

More about “4-handed Massage”: Since we do not have a studio, and only offer house-calls, the female therapists feel better about going out on a call with someone. Two therapists come together to work on you as a couple, either M/F or F/F. Like the other massages, there is much flexibility in exactly how that will work, primarily dependent on what you, the client would prefer. We could both work on you for the entire massage, or I could do some, and my partner could do some. It’s really up to you and what you would enjoy and feel comfortable with. Remember that Tantric Massage is a very powerful and healing massage. Yes, it does feel wonderful, and can be quite sensual, but there is much more involved than just the physical pleasure.

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