Male For Female And Couple Full Body To Body Massage Service

I am offering two different options for couples massage:

Option I

The first option is for myself alone to work with a couple.

As I already mentioned in the description of my Tantric Massage, every session is unique, tailored to each individuals needs and desires. This is even more true for the couples massage. There are many ways to approach it. The most common is for me to massage the woman while the man watches. Another option is for the man to actually work with me to massage the woman together. Yet another option is for me to massage the man, with the woman helping.

These are a few ideas, but I am also open to requests. Just let me know what you you would like.

Option II

The second option is for myself and another female therapist (a massaging couple) to work on you together. I offer this service for single men, women and other couples.

As with all of my other forms of Tantric Massage, the exact format of what we do is flexible, and you get to say what works best for you.

Most commonly, I would work on the female, while my partner would work on the male. We can do it in separate rooms or side by side in the same room.

Another option is for one or both of you to receive a 4-handed massage from both of us at the same time.

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