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A day I wouldn’t forget was when I went to a party with a few guy friends of mine.

Most the time I hung out with guys rather than girls because I was a sex freak and I am not afraid to admit it or back it up.

I am a sexy slim blonde with a cute ass and a nice set of tits. This night I knew their was going to be plenty of guys there so I made sure I looked my best with a short pink skirt that made my ass hang out big time.

In fact when I first arrived to the party I already noticed all the instant attention to my ass. I had a boyfriend at the time but he was out of town probably fucking god knows who because he’s a sex freak just like I am. As the night went on after a few drinks there was like three guys basically smothering me on the living room couch just talking to me.

One of them could not keep his hands off me. I was just feeling fingers everywhere, my tits, up my skirt, rubbing my crotch and ass especially my ass it was like those three guys were obsessed with it. I was starting to feel overwhelmed and it was getting really hot in there so I told the guys and I was going out side to the back to get some fresh air and they all followed me.

As I was walking out there each of the three had there hand on me. I walked out side and just sat in the grass. They each sat around me and continued to start rubbing me. One started kissing me while the others fingered my pussy and ass. After awhile I was kissing the guy I silently unzipped his zipper, took out his dick and quietly without the others noticing started giving him head. I had a finger in my pussy, a couple in my ass and a dick in my mouth. I had never had my ass fingered before but it was kind of turning me on, I liked it. Then the others noticed me sucking the guy’s dick and took out theirs and I started sucking all three of their dicks. It was interesting it was really turning me on. No one else at the party cared because the girl hosting the party was getting gangbanged my 7 guys at once in her hot tub along with her friends. The party quickly turned into one drunken orgy.

I was sucking the three off outside when two more girls came out side. They each took the guy and started sucking there dicks and my attention was mainly focused on one guy. He was just fucking my mouth hard with his dick as continued to suck on it. As I was giving him head he started fingering my ass again. I had really enjoyed. Then he turns me over on my hands and knees and he started with his tongue licking my ass hole and pussy. I had never had my ass licked before but it was feeling pretty good and it was very sexy. The others having sex had the girl sitting on his face and the other girl was getting the shit fucked out of her doggystyle. He was fucking her so you could hear her butt cheeks clap on against him as he was thrusting away in her pussy and he was even fucking her in the butt.

The guys who was licking my ass licked it forever, I thought he would never stop but then he inserted his dick in my ass….holy shit…it hurt like hell because that was my anal cherry going right there, my boyfriend never even had fucked me in the ass or even ask. It was hurting really bad but I toughed it out ,then the guy anal pumping the other girl finished her off as she passed out face first on the grass…,then I was getting fucked in the ass doggy style he walked on over and put his dick in my mouth. They were both gangbanging me for a long time almost the rest of the night. They both at one point double penetrated me, one in the ass the other in my pussy and a third random guy had a dick in my mouth. Almost all the guys there had a gangbang round with me and the rest of the girls except for the one who was already passed out from being fucked so hard.

When it was done I was too tired to drive home so I had a guy friend drive me home, but before he dropped me off he ass licked me bent over his hood and had me suck his dick and he came in my mouth and put me to bed himself and he went home.

That was a wild night. I don’t know how many people I had done stuff with that night but I for sure got my self looked at afterwards to make sure I didn’t get anything and I didnt, thank god.