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Swingers/Group Sex Galore

I reside in Lavington and have recruited 7 members so far that meet once fortnightly for sex only. My house is 4br with SQ on its own compound. I provide clean rooms and entertainment to members only. Membership is Kshs.2,000/= per head and Kshs.4,000/= for the function. The fee caters for condoms, drinks, snacks, accommodation and other overheads. The sex party begins 6pm to about 1am or when the last person leaves. For security of our clients and my home, I evaluate each person and identify the most suitable people who really want to have fun. Evaluation also discourages prostitutes who may be out to exploit our clients. We already have 4 men and 3 ladies on board. Me and the other members have agreed that we increase membership to between 20-25people. So if you’re into adult fun, please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

Location is only reviewed after evaluation and payment of the amount is done. So don’t bother asking about location at this point. But its in Lavington.