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Male Erotic Orgasmic Genitalia massage for Women

My Sensual Massage is a fully “Naturist” massage and both you and your therapist will be completely naked during the massage. You should be aware that parts of my body (e.g. breasts, belly), or those of a male therapist if present, may touch yours during the massage. Please tell me if you are not comfortable with this.
I am often asked if you can touch me during a massage. Experience tells me that I rarely have to worry about a woman going too far and being disrespectful, so I have no problem being touched by a female client.
I am a professional massage therapist specializing in sensual massage using tantric techniques. The services I provide solely depend on my client’s desire. If I include your erogenous zones during a massage it is entirely as part of a tantric technique. Penetration (sexual intercourse, oral sex, sex), kissing, cuddling (hugging) and “girlfriend experience” with clients may form part of what I offer depending on what my client will want to have. Thank you for being

Male Erotic Orgasmic Genitalia massage Escort for Women

You may find yourself in a situation where you require a date I am the solution.
I am a genuinely handsome, passionate, romantic, affectionate and distinguished. I am also smart, confident, fun, sexy and profoundly experienced. I have a tender personality by nature.
So, when you are ready to give yourself a break from all the pressure, obligations and explanations, give yourself the gift of being treated like you are the most important person in the room and experience endless erotic adventures and the life of sexual pleasures.
You will find that I am a compassionate listener with a nag for being elegant, seductive, sociable, open minded, discreet, and trustworthy. I enjoy travelling, quick overnight, weekend’s break or holiday’s companion. I like meeting interesting people. I will go with you to most places in the world for adventure and excitement and will provide first class escort services including intimacy, romance, emotional and physical connection, companionship and understanding. My purpose is to assist you materialize discreetly that deep aroused role-play and specialized attention to meet your needs.
I am a dedicated romantic and sensual gentleman, and I am committed to your pleasure. I am discreet and loyal companion you desire when you are in need. And I can conveniently be totally absent when you don’t. I am experienced and smart enough to commit to our engagement and encounter to always being kept absolutely discreet. I believe life is truly a gift and I live by that mantra that you usually regret the things in life that you don’t do as opposed to the ones you do. Your age, weight, height and race are all irrelevant to me.
I very much look forward to the pleasure of making your acquaintance, and the opportunity to spoil you, as you so well deserve. Don’t be shy, time is relative and the satisfaction is absolute. Enjoyment is outright!