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I thought I would share this experience with you all. I have recently started reading through these pages and they have really turned me on.

I thought I’d repay the favour, especially since I can remain anonymous! J This story is true, and is about my first lesbian sex. I had never really seen the appeal of sleeping with another girl.

When I was young, I was always fascinated with willies, and now I am older, I can’t live without my man’s dick (Its 8 and half inches long for fuck sack!!). Saying this, like most girls, I have occasionally wondered what it would be like. When I was about fourteen I went through a phase of fantasising about girls.

I was up late one night watching late night TV. Flicking through the channels I stumbled across some porn. It was of a gorgeous blonde playing with herself. I immediately felt my pussy pulse. This really took me by surprise. I had never before reacted like this to a girl. As I sat there watching this beautiful woman fucking herself, I noticed that my hand had wondered down between my legs and dived inside my moist knickers. My pussy felt really hot, and I could feel my slit was getting wet.

I suddenly realised what I was doing and felt disgusted with myself. But I couldn’t help it. It felt so good. My clit had hardened and was erect, and my pussy lips had begun to swell. I really didn’t want to like what I was watching, but I did. I tried to come to my senses, and even managed to take my fingers out of my thong to try and stop myself. I could see a thin film of pussy juice covering them. It glistened in the light from the TV. I don’t know why, maybe I was curious or just horny, but I just had to taste it. I had never done that before, but I liked it. I licked my fingers clean, and went back down to my sopping wet fanny for more! God, I was so horny! I drove a finger as deep inside my cunt as I could so I could get a proper taste. I held my finger over my eager tongue and let my pussy juice slowly drip into my mouth. I loved it. My cunt felt on fire. I pulled down my now soaking-wet knickers. It was only now I could feel just how wet I was. My pussy was so drenched that my juices had oozed out and were running down from my pussy and over my arse hole. It felt really warm. I had never been this wet.

I started rubbing my clit more frantically, and with my other hand, began sliding my fingers in and out of my cunt. I was only 14 and back then my pussy was normally way too tight to take more than one finger. But it was flooded that I managed to thrust 2, then three fingers deep inside, mimicking the woman on TV. I remember feeling so stretched. I had never felt so full. My pussy was soaking and by the time I came, I had soaked the entire seat. My cum was running down into my arse, and all over my thighs. My orgasm was the strongest I had ever had. It felt so intense that I didn’t stop rubbing myself when I had cum, but instead managed to have my first multiple orgasm! It was amazing. When I was finished, I had cum 3 times in about a minute, and my pussy was left stretched gapping open, and quivering in shock. It was an amazing feeling. I lay there after barely able to breathe and my pussy was left yawning! But as soon as I had come down, I felt really dirty and knew it was wrong. I should mention that I am a Christian. So things like that are really wrong for me. I shouldn’t have been masturbating, especially not about girls. I prayed a lot about it before feeling a peace about it.

Since then I have grown up a lot. I’m 21 now. I’m fairly tall with long brown hair and a decent body. I have 36B boobs, which are firm, and I have an average body. I got my first boyfriend at 19, and I guess all those years of suppressed sexuality exploded out of me. Within 6 weeks of our first kiss, (my first kiss ever), I had let him in my knickers and he fucked me! Now pretty much anything goes. I enjoy experimenting with sex. But I never imagined just how far I would go. I used to be so straight laced. But since I’ve been with my man, and especially when I got to university, I changed so much.

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a lesbian or even bi sexual. I almost depend on having my boyfriends’ hard dick inside my pussy and mouth, and can even be persuaded to let him fuck my arse too. I love penetration. So my first real life lesbian experience wasn’t exactly planned. Although I had masturbated a few times about girls, like that time when I was 14, I had never wanted to actually have sex with a girl.

It all happened on a typically drunken, student’s night out with my best mate, Libby. She’s really pretty and has amazing 34DD boobs. I’m always amazed when I see her bra-less tits when we are dressing, getting ready to go out. I’d love to have them. Anyway, this one night we were all pretty drunk. Some boys that we were with dared us to kiss and we did it without a second thought. It was just a bit of fun and not much to worry about when comparing it to the sort of things I let me boyfriend do to me! The rest of the night was uneventful and then we went home. Libby stayed at mine as she often does.

As we were undressing for bed, we got to talking about our kiss, and how easy it is to turn boys on! Libby was half undressed, wearing just her bra and tiny white lace thong. I was already topless. Just as I was about to slide my knickers off from under my skirt, Libby turned to me and said how much she had liked kissing me. To be honest, I hadn’t giving it another thought till then. She was looking at me as if waiting for a reply so I agreed and said I had liked it. A minute or so passed before she said anything else. By now, she had taken off her bra and knickers and was naked. Her tits looked amazing. She broke the silence by saying “I wanna do it again”. That statement must have missed my ears and hit me straight on my clit because it reacted by throbbing uncontrollably. My heart raced while my pussy flushed with juice. I suddenly became very aware of the sexy girl standing naked in front of me asking me to kiss her. I panicked as I felt my nipples getting hard. My mind was racing almost as fast as my pussy was pulsing. “Yeah, ok” I said trying to regain some control. As she walked over I noticed her beautiful pussy. It was shaved apart from a tiny strip at the front. I could feel how damp my knickers had got because the fabric had begun clinging to my swelling pussy lips. I could feel my clit throbbing the way it does when it wants to be touched.