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Cristiana is a stunning girl with a stunning body. Her soft sexy curves are sensational and spectacular. Her body is tight and feminine. It oozes seduction. Her manner is sophisticated driven by high sexual drive. She is a genuine rare goddess who is pure grace and charm. Her service is top of the class. It is beyond elite. She loves to spoil, pamper and seduce her patrons with exquisite beauty and luxury service. She is a very intelligent girl who is the perfect companion to any special social occasion. She is open minded and enjoys meeting new and interesting people

Age: 23
Height: 5’8
Statistics: 34d-24-34
Nationality: Ugandan
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Incall (Her Place) Yes
Outcall (Your Place) Yes
Incall Location: Central Nairobi

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Age: 21
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Orientation: Bisexual
Incall (Her Place) Yes
Outcall (Your Place) Yes
Incall Location: Central Nairobi


I thought I would share this experience with you all. I have recently started reading through these pages and they have really turned me on.

I thought I’d repay the favour, especially since I can remain anonymous! J This story is true, and is about my first lesbian sex. I had never really seen the appeal of sleeping with another girl.

When I was young, I was always fascinated with willies, and now I am older, I can’t live without my man’s dick (Its 8 and half inches long for fuck sack!!). Saying this, like most girls, I have occasionally wondered what it would be like. When I was about fourteen I went through a phase of fantasising about girls.

I was up late one night watching late night TV. Flicking through the channels I stumbled across some porn. It was of a gorgeous blonde playing with herself. I immediately felt my pussy pulse. This really took me by surprise. I had never before reacted like this to a girl. As I sat there watching this beautiful woman fucking herself, I noticed that my hand had wondered down between my legs and dived inside my moist knickers. My pussy felt really hot, and I could feel my slit was getting wet.

I suddenly realised what I was doing and felt disgusted with myself. But I couldn’t help it. It felt so good. My clit had hardened and was erect, and my pussy lips had begun to swell. I really didn’t want to like what I was watching, but I did. I tried to come to my senses, and even managed to take my fingers out of my thong to try and stop myself. I could see a thin film of pussy juice covering them. It glistened in the light from the TV. I don’t know why, maybe I was curious or just horny, but I just had to taste it. I had never done that before, but I liked it. I licked my fingers clean, and went back down to my sopping wet fanny for more! God, I was so horny! I drove a finger as deep inside my cunt as I could so I could get a proper taste. I held my finger over my eager tongue and let my pussy juice slowly drip into my mouth. I loved it. My cunt felt on fire. I pulled down my now soaking-wet knickers. It was only now I could feel just how wet I was. My pussy was so drenched that my juices had oozed out and were running down from my pussy and over my arse hole. It felt really warm. I had never been this wet.

I started rubbing my clit more frantically, and with my other hand, began sliding my fingers in and out of my cunt. I was only 14 and back then my pussy was normally way too tight to take more than one finger. But it was flooded that I managed to thrust 2, then three fingers deep inside, mimicking the woman on TV. I remember feeling so stretched. I had never felt so full. My pussy was soaking and by the time I came, I had soaked the entire seat. My cum was running down into my arse, and all over my thighs. My orgasm was the strongest I had ever had. It felt so intense that I didn’t stop rubbing myself when I had cum, but instead managed to have my first multiple orgasm! It was amazing. When I was finished, I had cum 3 times in about a minute, and my pussy was left stretched gapping open, and quivering in shock. It was an amazing feeling. I lay there after barely able to breathe and my pussy was left yawning! But as soon as I had come down, I felt really dirty and knew it was wrong. I should mention that I am a Christian. So things like that are really wrong for me. I shouldn’t have been masturbating, especially not about girls. I prayed a lot about it before feeling a peace about it.

Since then I have grown up a lot. I’m 21 now. I’m fairly tall with long brown hair and a decent body. I have 36B boobs, which are firm, and I have an average body. I got my first boyfriend at 19, and I guess all those years of suppressed sexuality exploded out of me. Within 6 weeks of our first kiss, (my first kiss ever), I had let him in my knickers and he fucked me! Now pretty much anything goes. I enjoy experimenting with sex. But I never imagined just how far I would go. I used to be so straight laced. But since I’ve been with my man, and especially when I got to university, I changed so much.

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a lesbian or even bi sexual. I almost depend on having my boyfriends’ hard dick inside my pussy and mouth, and can even be persuaded to let him fuck my arse too. I love penetration. So my first real life lesbian experience wasn’t exactly planned. Although I had masturbated a few times about girls, like that time when I was 14, I had never wanted to actually have sex with a girl.

It all happened on a typically drunken, student’s night out with my best mate, Libby. She’s really pretty and has amazing 34DD boobs. I’m always amazed when I see her bra-less tits when we are dressing, getting ready to go out. I’d love to have them. Anyway, this one night we were all pretty drunk. Some boys that we were with dared us to kiss and we did it without a second thought. It was just a bit of fun and not much to worry about when comparing it to the sort of things I let me boyfriend do to me! The rest of the night was uneventful and then we went home. Libby stayed at mine as she often does.

As we were undressing for bed, we got to talking about our kiss, and how easy it is to turn boys on! Libby was half undressed, wearing just her bra and tiny white lace thong. I was already topless. Just as I was about to slide my knickers off from under my skirt, Libby turned to me and said how much she had liked kissing me. To be honest, I hadn’t giving it another thought till then. She was looking at me as if waiting for a reply so I agreed and said I had liked it. A minute or so passed before she said anything else. By now, she had taken off her bra and knickers and was naked. Her tits looked amazing. She broke the silence by saying “I wanna do it again”. That statement must have missed my ears and hit me straight on my clit because it reacted by throbbing uncontrollably. My heart raced while my pussy flushed with juice. I suddenly became very aware of the sexy girl standing naked in front of me asking me to kiss her. I panicked as I felt my nipples getting hard. My mind was racing almost as fast as my pussy was pulsing. “Yeah, ok” I said trying to regain some control. As she walked over I noticed her beautiful pussy. It was shaved apart from a tiny strip at the front. I could feel how damp my knickers had got because the fabric had begun clinging to my swelling pussy lips. I could feel my clit throbbing the way it does when it wants to be touched.


A day I wouldn’t forget was when I went to a party with a few guy friends of mine.

Most the time I hung out with guys rather than girls because I was a sex freak and I am not afraid to admit it or back it up.

I am a sexy slim blonde with a cute ass and a nice set of tits. This night I knew their was going to be plenty of guys there so I made sure I looked my best with a short pink skirt that made my ass hang out big time.

In fact when I first arrived to the party I already noticed all the instant attention to my ass. I had a boyfriend at the time but he was out of town probably fucking god knows who because he’s a sex freak just like I am. As the night went on after a few drinks there was like three guys basically smothering me on the living room couch just talking to me.

One of them could not keep his hands off me. I was just feeling fingers everywhere, my tits, up my skirt, rubbing my crotch and ass especially my ass it was like those three guys were obsessed with it. I was starting to feel overwhelmed and it was getting really hot in there so I told the guys and I was going out side to the back to get some fresh air and they all followed me.

As I was walking out there each of the three had there hand on me. I walked out side and just sat in the grass. They each sat around me and continued to start rubbing me. One started kissing me while the others fingered my pussy and ass. After awhile I was kissing the guy I silently unzipped his zipper, took out his dick and quietly without the others noticing started giving him head. I had a finger in my pussy, a couple in my ass and a dick in my mouth. I had never had my ass fingered before but it was kind of turning me on, I liked it. Then the others noticed me sucking the guy’s dick and took out theirs and I started sucking all three of their dicks. It was interesting it was really turning me on. No one else at the party cared because the girl hosting the party was getting gangbanged my 7 guys at once in her hot tub along with her friends. The party quickly turned into one drunken orgy.

I was sucking the three off outside when two more girls came out side. They each took the guy and started sucking there dicks and my attention was mainly focused on one guy. He was just fucking my mouth hard with his dick as continued to suck on it. As I was giving him head he started fingering my ass again. I had really enjoyed. Then he turns me over on my hands and knees and he started with his tongue licking my ass hole and pussy. I had never had my ass licked before but it was feeling pretty good and it was very sexy. The others having sex had the girl sitting on his face and the other girl was getting the shit fucked out of her doggystyle. He was fucking her so you could hear her butt cheeks clap on against him as he was thrusting away in her pussy and he was even fucking her in the butt.

The guys who was licking my ass licked it forever, I thought he would never stop but then he inserted his dick in my ass….holy shit…it hurt like hell because that was my anal cherry going right there, my boyfriend never even had fucked me in the ass or even ask. It was hurting really bad but I toughed it out ,then the guy anal pumping the other girl finished her off as she passed out face first on the grass…,then I was getting fucked in the ass doggy style he walked on over and put his dick in my mouth. They were both gangbanging me for a long time almost the rest of the night. They both at one point double penetrated me, one in the ass the other in my pussy and a third random guy had a dick in my mouth. Almost all the guys there had a gangbang round with me and the rest of the girls except for the one who was already passed out from being fucked so hard.

When it was done I was too tired to drive home so I had a guy friend drive me home, but before he dropped me off he ass licked me bent over his hood and had me suck his dick and he came in my mouth and put me to bed himself and he went home.

That was a wild night. I don’t know how many people I had done stuff with that night but I for sure got my self looked at afterwards to make sure I didn’t get anything and I didnt, thank god.


I’ve always been an ass man. So, one afternoon, my lovely girlfriend gave me an unexpected gift.

This is a story about my girlfriend of a few years now. Her name is Tina, she is ebony, about 5’6″ with big bright eyes, nice, large breasts, small size 8 hips and a beautifully firm butt.

For years we have had lots of steamy sex sessions in heaps of different positions and places. I am admittedly an ass man though, and all this time I have fantasised about fucking my girl in her ass. I love to watch porn movies where a girl gets fucked in her ass like its nothing. The look of a cock (or other item) going into a nice, slippery, gaping asshole is just too fucking hot for me to bear.

I have licked and fingered Tina’s asshole many a time, with great reviews from her. It seems to get her pretty wet and wild, especially if we were on speed or ecstasy. I have never had to privilege of making it another fuckhole of hers though.

This one Friday afternoon though, I went over to her house and her parents had gone away for the weekend. I got there after work and she greeted me at the door wearing a small t shirt with no bra and a very short, thin skirt. From the very sexy and horny kiss she gave and her dilated pupils, I could tell that she had had some sort of horrifying drug.

She told me to come into the room and when I did I noticed a few lines of speed racked up on a mirror on the table. I didn’t waste any time sniffing one of them down. I grimaced at the sting that went through my nose and head, and had to sit down for a second. I sat down on the bed with my back against the wall, rubbing my head and waiting for the speed to hit me.

Tina came and laid on her side next to me and started rubbing my cock, which wasn’t unusual for her, especially when she was wired for sound. I had started to feel the speed come on a bit, and my cock reacted to the rubbing extremely rapidly, with a strong tingle shooting through it as if I was about to come. Naturally, Tina pulled my cock out of my pants and started licking it, sucking it, and rubbing it on her face. She got on her knees and bent over me, supporting herself with her elbows. Her butt started to poke out of her skirt from her legs being spread and it being such a short skirt. I could have been mistaken, but I swear I saw the insides of he butt cheeks glistening, as if they were greasy with lube or something. I thought nothing of it at the time though, as Tina was doing a great job sucking my cock and slobbering all over it.

At one point through the awesome blowjob, she got up and laid on her side next to me again, but with her legs folded up a little and her ass and pussy facing me. It was at this point that it became obvious to me that she had been at least playing with herself and more than likely fucking herself with one of her toys, because her whole pubic area, from the front of her pussy right back to her butt hole and all in between was soaking wet, and a rich aroma of her pussy and water based lubricant filled the room. This was extremely hot to look at, and by the look of her wet, slippery and kind of reddened asshole made me picture her sticking all sorts of toys up her ass, which, obviously, made my cock very hard.

“Watch this”, she said, and, as if in slow motion, I watched her hand move down to her pussy and ass, and start fingering them both alternately. I was ecstatic. It started with one finger in her ass, and then she gradually slid two, and the three fingers in, sliding them in and out effortlessly while she pulled her butt cheek out of the way with her other hand. I couldn’t believe it. “Look what I can do now”, she moaned as she reached beside the bed and pulled out small vibrator and fed it up her butt. I was basically wired for sound now as well at this point as I gazed on in amazement as she slid the vibrator into her ass as far as it would go, and then pulled it out and spread her cheeks, showing me the gaping and inviting hole. “Pretty cool huh?”, she cooed as she bit her lip and closed her eyes, fucking herself with the vibrator at a decent pace now. I had started stroking myself as I had finally come to terms with the fact that my fantasy was about to come true.

After a few minutes of this, she stood up and took of her t-shirt and skirt, revealing her petite body and beautiful large boobs. She then got down on her knees and put her head down on the bed, sort of facing me, with her lovely slippery butt staring at me, her asshole kind of winking at me. “See how deep you can get the vibrator in”, she said, as she used one of her hands to spread one of her cheeks apart, just making her butt hole open up even more invitingly. I grabbed the vibrator and put it to her hole, teasing her by running it around the edge of the space in little circles. It didn’t take long before she was telling me to put it in. I decided that before I did, I wanted to feel what her oily passage felt like in this incredibly relaxed, ready state. I licked two fingers and slid them in there. It felt awesome. I pushed them in there as far as I could and twisted them around, feeling the insides of this newfound love hole. I popped a third finger in with no troubles at all. She moaned with delight.

At this point I took my fingers out and grabbed the vibrator again, sliding it down her butt hole as far as it would go. It was about 6 inches long and it went straight down until it almost disappeared! She was now making loud pleasure noises, as I pushed it in and out, at slightly different angles, trying to hit every last inch of the walls of this beautiful hole. Her pussy was almost dripping with juice and she was backing her ass up against the vibrator hard. She loved it.

I was very high by this stage and I was getting into this little game, sort of making my own rules. I was now pulling the vibrator out of her butt occasionally and watching it gape, before spitting into the dark hole. I was also fingering her pussy quite firmly whilst fucking her ass with the vibrator. She must have been loving this even more, because she was now screaming with pleasure and swearing her sweet little ass off. “Oh fuck yeah, that feels fucking AWESOME”, and the like.

She reached beside the bed again and handed me largish dildo. I didn’t need any convincing to plunge this deep into her pussy while I was still sliding the vibrator in and out of her ass. This is when she started coming. She bucked back against the toys, and pussy juice started oozing out of her cunt and down the dildo. I swear to god I was about to come too at the sight of my lady’s gorgeous bum and pussy being fucked silly by two toys.

I decided that I now really wanted to try Tina’s butt. I took the dildo out of her pussy and the vibrator out of her now very pink and wet hole. “Oh yeah baby put your cock up my ass and fuck me hard. I want to feel it deep in there”, she said as I applied some lube and wanked it all over my dick.

I got up close behind her lifted a leg up so that I was on one knee and one foot, to get that nice downwards angle into her asshole. I did the same trick with my cock as I did with the vibrator, teasing her ass with the type of it by rubbing it around the tight sphincter. “Put it in my fucking ass now!” she yelled at me, while pushing her butt back against me hard. It slid right in without a problem and she yelped with delight, and I almost blew my load right there and then! It felt amazing, just what I had expected, but better. Her asshole was so smooth and slippery and tight inside, and my cock was a perfect fit. I put it in as far as I could, and slid it out, watching her hole gape and then sliding it back in again.

I started fucking her harder now, and she was making rhythmic moans of ecstasy as I rammed my dick in and out of her butt again and again. I wanted to go in deeper, so I slid out and stood up on both feet over her. She knew what this meant, the jack hammer position, and she fucking adored it. I sort of squatted over her, holding her with one hand and pointing my cock at her gaping ass with the other, and lowered myself. She reached back and spread one of her ass cheeks and seeing this got me so very horny. I popped it back in again and grabbed her with my other hand and started fucking her hard. She was screaming out with pleasure as I slammed my cock into her ass as hard and deep as I could. I felt her ass muscles tighten around my cock and she started to shudder, which delighted me as this confirmed that she was coming again, from anal sex, and would be very eager to be doing it again. My cock started to twitch and throb and I knew that now it was my turn to come.

I removed my cock from Tina’s ass with a pop and stood up, and she knew exactly what the deal was. She spun around and brought her mouth to my cock, gobbling it hungrily. She slid it in and out of her mouth whilst wanking me until I shot what felt like my biggest load of cum ever into her mouth. She kept sucking my dick with skill as she swallowed my entire hot load greedily. She licked my cock and my balls clean and then licked her lips and said “Thank you, there was heaps of cum in that load”. I could hardly believe that she had just let me fuck her ass and then sucked all her ass juices off it, and then said “Thank you”. I fell down onto the bed bewildered and exhausted, and so did she, but she continued to fuck her butt hole with the larger dildo that I was using on her pussy earlier, whilst cooing and moaning in a pleasured, yet relaxed and kind of exhausted tone.

“We’ll have to do that again…. and again… and again…” she whispered.

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